83mm Refractor Group Project


Mark Hanson, Jim Schmitt and I are all members of the "Michigan Astronomy" e-group and during an on-line discussion we decided to make three 83mm 500mm fl refractors using objectives from RR Refractors in The Netherlands.  The objectives were ordered today (12-4-2001) and I expect to see them right around the first of the year or so.  I am posting this page so we can chronicle our experiences and results.


I don't expect a lot of activity soon but I hope eventually we can get assembly stories and photos of all three scopes.  The test results will also be posted here.


As of December 6th we have another refractor builder - Bob Fitzgerald from the FAAC club.  Bob is not "on-line" but he will be joining us and I have gotten another objective on order.



12-28, 12-29-2001

First Light - 1-1-02  & 1-2-02

January 10 - Mark Hansen has finished his refractor.  Check out his assembly story and pictures here!

1-14-2002 - 83/500 scope Version 2!