The Seven Sisters Observatory

Manchester, Michigan

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So - here I am out in Manchester Michigan under relatively dark sky.  I really like the area and my house.  The observatory consists of a permanently mounted pier in the back yard that supports my G11 mount and whatever tube I have mounted on it.  While the work around the house will never be finished,  I find myself with more time for astronomy and astrophotography.   

Over the last few yesrsI have shifted to digital imaging.  I have a Canon 10D DSLR and I have been using this much more than film lately.  I will be sharing my experiences as I climb the learning curve with this camera. I have a new Rebel XTi unmodified camera to work with - lots of stuff to learn.

I have been using multiple imaging setups.  Currently I have an 8" f5 newtonian mounted with the ZenithStar 66SD as a guide scope. I am using the new Telescope Support Systems tube rings and guide rings.  I can easily swap this setup for my Megrez 90.  I will shoot with the 8" for a while.  Once I get my courage up to tackle a longer focal length I will mount the 10" SCT!!

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